Binance Smart Chain Audit (BSC)

Binance Smart Chain Audit is a crucial step to ensure the security and reliability of your Binance Smart Chain projects. Our specialized services for Binance Smart Chain blockchain offer detailed reports to bring safety to your project and investors.

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Advantages of Auditing a Binance Smart Chain Project



Auditing a smart contract is a great way to ensure the security of your project.



Prevents hackers from attacking your project and stealing funds in the form of tokens or cryptocurrency.

Eliminates Bugs

Eliminates Bugs

Identifies bugs and errors from being introduced into your project, which can lead to major problems later on.

Cyberscope Smart Contract Audit Process

The auditors will first have to understand the business logic, and then they will need to understand the architecture. The auditor will then perform manual line-by-line checks, run static analysis on all smart contracts, implement unit tests for each contract, and investigate edge-case business logic scenarios.

Our auditors will inspect for performance improvements and look for potential edge-case business logic scenarios. They will perform a generic review of every aspect of the project's architecture, including security vulnerabilities, general best practices in code design and implementation.

The audit process is highly iterative, so Cyberscope will work with the client until he is satisfied with the results before issuing a report.

Business Logic & Architecture

Business Logic & Architecture

Our team will study all the features and functionality that your project requires. If it is necessary, the team will discuss it with the project owner. We will shape the macro architecture of the project. That way, the audits will have a clear icon of the project helping them to understand the implementation.

Manual Line-by-Line Check

Manual Line-by-Line Check

A very important phase of the audit process is the manual review. The auditors will read the implementation and will note all the potential issues or gaps between the code and the business logic requirements.

Automated Analysis

Automated Analysis

The automated tools will identify qualitative and sophisticated findings from common patterns and reported issues.

Unit Tests

Unit Tests

Unit tests make sure that the contract is operating healthy in cases where the state cannot be simulated. For instance if the contract performs an action in the future, unit tests can simulate the time and check for the expected result.

Edge-case Business Logic

Edge-case Business Logic

All the projects contain cases where the implementation does not execute the straight forward scenarios. Our team will dry-run these cases in order to guarantee that the contract will still be functional.

Performance Improvements

Performance Improvements

Smart contracts are heavily dependent on the gas cost. Potential optimization will help to decrease the gas cost for the entire life-time of the deployment.

Security Vulnerabilities

Security Vulnerabilities

The auditors are fully aligned with the latest hacks and patterns. They will perform a detailed analysis that includes user roles, permission access.

Review from Auditors

Review from Auditors

The entire audit report is checked from engineers that have not been involved in the previous steps. Since they are not biased, they may apply some corrections.

Iterations with the Client

Iterations with the Client

We are following a fully agile methodology. The audit report does not stop here. We discussed the results with the client and we update the audit report according to the changes.


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Audit a Binance Smart Chain Contract with Cyberscope

Audit a Binance Smart Chain Contract with Cyberscope

As a leading smart contract audit company, Cyberscope provides Binance Smart Chain Contract Audit Services to clients. The client will increase investor's trust and reduce risks by taking advantage of our expertise in this field. The client can rest assured that its smart contract has been thoroughly reviewed by our team of experts with years of experience in security assessment and testing.

Our team will help you detect potential vulnerabilities, improve performance optimization, and narrow down the runtime costs so that you can concentrate on business development rather than worrying about security issues or costly fixes later on.

  • Increase investors trust
  • Find vulnerabilities
  • Performance optimization
  • Narrow down the runtime costs

Binance Smart Chain and Blockchain

Binance Smart Chain is a blockchain-based platform that offers users the ability to issue and trade digital assets. It is a public blockchain that is decentralized, meaning there are no central authorities governing it. In fact, Binance Smart Chain is completely autonomous: it does not require human intervention for any of its functions or processes. The network uses smart contracts for transactions between users in order to eliminate third parties from the equation, thereby reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Binance Smart Chain has been praised by experts as one of the most successful attempts at creating a fully autonomous blockchain in terms of security and ease-of-use. It offers enterprises an efficient platform on which they can develop their own applications at the same time. It also allows individuals access to create their own tokens using our highly scalable infrastructure.

Key Benefits of Binance Smart Chain Auditing

Binance Smart Chain auditing is a process that ensures the safety of your blockchain projects by conducting a detailed review of your smart contracts.

Cyberscope’s team is made up of reputable blockchain engineers and developers who have been working on smart contract security for a long time. They have extensive experience in making sure that no issues arise from your smart contracts. This saves time and money for both owners and investors.

If you want to be sure that everything works properly on your network and there are no security breaches, then it's important to have an audit performed before going live with a project. This will ensure that everything runs smoothly and helps prevent any problems from cropping up later on in the production life cycle or post-deployment phase.

Additionally, when building new smart contracts or upgrading existing ones, there may be some bugs in code which could cause issues. As a result, it will lead up costing both time/money spent debugging them along with potential loss of profits and investments. This can be avoided through audits!

Binance Smart Chain Technology

Binance Smart Chain is an open-source blockchain platform that aims to solve the issues of scalability and speed in the traditional blockchain. Binance Smart Chain has its own native token, Binance Coin (BNB). The Binance Smart Contracts implement the BEP20 standard interface. The BNB was created by Changpeng Zhao and is used on the exchange as a utility token. The exchange uses this token to incentivize users for using it or making transactions within their ecosystem.

Binance Smart Chain is a public blockchain which means that anyone can access it without any permission needed from anyone else, unlike private blockchains where only certain people can access them through special accounts etc. It also means that there are no servers or any central authority controlling how things work on Binance SmartChain - everything happens with 100% decentralization.

  • Open for all the people
  • Multi-chain
  • decentralized
  • Scalable
  • Without Permissions
  • low-cost transactions
  • high speed

Frequent Smart Contract Attacks

Smart contract attacks are becoming more frequent and sophisticated, and the damage they cause is increasing.

In the past, smart contract attacks were often ineffective due to simple coding errors that were easily exploited by hackers—but now, these security breaches are more complex than ever before. As blockchain technology continues to advance in popularity, more hackers will be attracted to it. This means that those working on blockchain projects must stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices for developing secure code. Hence, the need for a solid smart contract audit is required more than ever.

Security in Binance Smart Chain

As a blockchain with a high degree of security, Binance Smart Chain is capable of ensuring that transactions are immutable, and cannot be tampered with. Furthermore, the architecture allows for high transaction throughput, which means that it can handle thousands of transactions per second.

The privacy feature is equally important as it gives users control over their own data. This ensures that users' assets are not exposed unnecessarily or used for nefarious purposes such as identity theft or financial frauds.

Cyber Security

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