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Dogechain Smart Chain Audit is an important and necessary step to ensure the security and reliability of your Dogechain projects.

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Dogechain is a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain that runs on the Polygon network, which is Ethereum's largest sidechain. Dogechain supports apps and games developed for Ethereum. The $DC token is the official token of the project, it has been airdropped to users and they can stake their $DC tokens and earn a passive income stream. Users can bridge their DOGE and receive Wrapped Dogecoin (wDOGE) in return.


With Dogecoin's recent price increase, Dogecoin investors could be looking to use their holdings as collateral to secure funding and lending on the Dogechain network. In essence, they can then use their wDOGE to interact with DeFi apps, NFT marketplaces, DApps, and games on the Dogechain network. DOGE can also be used to pay transaction fees on Dogechain.

The team behind Dogechain is "largely anonymous," according to crypto data platform CoinGecko. However, Quickswap co-founder Roc Zacharias has touted his involvement in the project in his Twitter bio. Zacharias is yet to respond to a request for comment from The Defiant.

Which Features Make Dogechain Unique?

EVM-compatible: Existing smart contracts for Ethereum can be effortlessly transferred to Dogechain without needing any further adjustments.
Cross-chain compatibility: The Dogechain network can easily use Dogecoin by wrapping it through the Dogechain bridge and sending it back to the Dogecoin network when necessary.
IBFT Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus: The network is permissionless, which means that anyone can participate without seeking permission. It is also decentralized, which means consensus is reached among the users of the blockchain instead of being appointed by one central authority.
Decentralized Governance: The community members (token holders) can participate in the governance of the project. The token holders have a say on governance decisions and can propose ideas, assign authority and cast votes on blockchain-related issues & activities.

Is Dogechain Related to Dogecoin?


Dogechain is not affiliated with Dogecoin Core or the Dogecoin Foundation, nor does it utilize the Dogecoin blockchain. Dogechain's relation to Dogecoin is more so that it allows users to interact through Dogecoin.

There are several well-known 'influencers' who appear to be promoting the project, which has led to more confusion.

Others in the Dogecoin community have issued warnings against Dogechain, noting that there are many unknowns about the project which could pose "many risks and red flags".

Audit a Binance Smart Chain Contract with Cyberscope

Smart Contract and Dogechain

Smart contracts are growing in popularity, especially with the introduction of new blockchain platforms. Dogechain, an Polygon-based blockchain platform, has been utilizing the smart contract technology to facilitate asset exchange, trade and commerce between businesses. Smart contract auditing is extremely important for companies wishing to venture by taking advantage of the blockchain platform.

The data from on-chain trackers is appalling. Some $4.6 million in value is now locked on Dogechain-based products since its launch earlier this week. Over 97% of that is locked on Dogechain-based exchange DogeSwap alone. This is a travesty.


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Why is it Important to Audit a Dogechain Smart Contract?

Smart Contract Auditing

Cyberscope security specialists carry out the smart contract audit according to a formal framework, while providing assurance of the target system’s security. To do so, they analyze the source code of a particular smart contract and determine whether it complies with its requirements (in terms of functionality, reliability, performance and safety).

Security Orientent

The team of smart contract auditors will aim to ensure your business does not face any risks associated with a faulty code. This can help you save time and money that is otherwise spent on fixing bugs and security flaws.

Fix Security Issues before they Appear

With multiple parties involved in the development of a smart contract, there is always a chance for security risks to be overlooked. As you know, understanding the implications of certain code and making mistakes in the code are common occurrences. Auditing the contracts before they are deployed on the Dogechain mainnet will help prevent these issues from occurring.

Audit a Binance Smart Chain Contract with Cyberscope

Advantages of Audit

  • A contract review by an external source can help ensure that any critical bugs, vulnerabilities and security flaws in the ending product are caught before they damage your business.
  • Provides an independent code review to ensure your idea is taken seriously by investors and partners alike.
  • Ensures that both you and your investors are safe, by ensuring there are no problems with the functionality or security of your smart contract.
  • Analyzes code for potential vulnerabilities and provides actionable insights into possible risks or edge cases.

Execution of Dogechain Smart Contract Audit

1. Analysis

1. Analysis

We review the logic behind your Dogechain smart contract and perform a thorough security assessment.

2. Evaluation

2. Evaluation

We review code in detail on your smart contract before executing it. We also carry out multiple manual reviews to make sure bugs are resolved before the contract is deployed or if needed.

3. Deliver

3. Deliver

Once an analysis and evaluation has taken place, our clients receive a comprehensive report with detailed findings and potential vulnerabilities

Why Cyberscope ?


When making a decision about a provider of smart contract auditing services, the first thing to do is to determine the type of audit that is needed. In particular, what can be done in order to make sure that your smart contract doesn't have high-risk vulnerabilities and potential errors?

When looking at our client portfolio, you can see that we are able to choose an appropriate approach based on the type of business and technological features of each project.

Our talented team of expert security consultants will review and audit your smart contracts for security flaws, identify vulnerabilities, and design secure solutions that exceed industry standards. With more than 800+ audited projects, Cyberscope is the right partner for your project.

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