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MetaBudz is a DAO system with the the governance token ($BUDZ) being backed by a Treasury and offering Staking and Voting opportunities. A Multi-Signature wallet Treasury will be created, that will hold our assets and will be used to manage the funds. The Governance side will be made using the Snapshot platform since it is one of the most widely used by other protocols and fits our needs. The ownership of the Token is under a 7 days timelock: 0x1b48239AE7f755a47dDC6576571f66115114bb8d . For us to access any function in the token we need to Queue it first in the Timelock and it takes 7 Days to be able to actually finalize the transaction. We do this to ensure the security of the token to our users and we will have an alert if any function will be used. The timelock will only be used in case a proposal is accepted and is needed. The 40% of the accumulated BNB from the Pre-Sale will be used to promote the project, develop a NFT MetaBudz mobile game and have backing assets for our $BUDZ token. 60% OF TOKENS ARE LOCKED IN THE STAKING CONTRACT FOR REWARDS: 0x41B2BA88a0DE89886277d2e8C083884B6dF2ea47

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Last audit was made at 22/12/2021
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