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MidGard is an MMORPG game with fascinating creatures within a magical universe of infinite possibilities. We started our contact with investors with the game ready, now our goal is to ambitiously enter the Metaverse and BlockChain market. The MidGard universe is full of fantasy, magic and ready to be referenced in the Metaverse. We invite you to download the game and discover with your own eyes the infinite possibilities of having fun within a game that pays players. The MMORPG universe is a scenario where countless players share the same universe, each one with their goals, fighting each other or creating clans, also with the presence of common enemies controlled by the computer. As for the visual components of Midgard Online, they are done in an isometric style. It has 2.5D graphics, typical of classic games like the Diablo series, as well as Path of Exile. The graphic style is somewhat reminiscent of Diablo 2. Despite the graphics being quite outdated for 2022, the game still pleases the eye with its tracing and filling of the environment and locations. Additionally, the game's mobs, NPCs, and character models are highly detailed. There is no initial character customization in Midgard Online. In the beginning, the user is asked to select only the character's class, nationality, and gender. However, throughout the game, all appearance features will be available for update: hairstyle, facial features, clothing, aura, etc. For each of the elements listed above, there are corresponding items that can be placed in specific slots. In-game training is carried out in several ways at the same time. When selecting the character, he will be directed to a specific training island for each class, where fundamental aspects of character control are explained. After that, detailed training is carried out on the basic mechanics of the game. This happens with the help of an excellent guide. Midgard Online has a reasonably low cap level as everything needed is explained in detail to the player as needed in the future. The character upgrade systems can be done according to each player's points and prizes. It is possible to learn skills, defense, and weapons through items and XP received. Items will also be available on the Marketplace, so players will also pave the way for high-level gameplay. The Midgard currency has a long-term planned economy, aiming to value players who really enjoy the game and investors who don't want to see a short-term project. Launching on 11th March.

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Onboarded on 06/03/2022
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