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IDO Starting on CoinTool 15th September, 17:00 UTC For details and announcements: The Ancient Filipino people were animists and believed that everything has a soul. Some of the spirits were guardians or totems of various animals and plants. Filipino ethnic groups used to describe all of these spirits as "anito"... More and more people are joining the Cryptocurrency Industry everyday. While this ecosystem offers new opportunities and investment opportunities at a high rate, the current market is left alone with sustainability problems due to the damage of the developed blockchain technology and mining to the climate. Increasingly critical risks to human health and the economy are at hand. Cryptocurrency represents by far the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions due to its high energy use. International protocols are signed to mitigate climate change in the global arena. Although the first attempt was made with the Paris Agreement in 2015, it does not change the fact that we cannot prevent global warming, we can only balance it by slowing it down! ANITO tokens can be locked in AnitoFarm or traded on initial market to get monthly premium membership For users staking for Premium Membership purposes, includes following benefits; 1-) Provide Periodic Trainings to New and Mid-level investors investing in Digital Assets, to conduct Risk Analyzes to Protect investors and to present weekly reports. 2-) We'll instantly inform Our users by Gathering Up-to-Date News and Events from All popular and Potentially Promising DigProvide Periodic Trainings to New and Mid-level investors investing in Digital Assets, to conduct Risk Analyzes to Protect investors and to present weekly reports.ital Assets in the Crypto Industry in a Single Data Center. 3-) Collaboration with Global Expert Economists and Analysts will benefit from Bitcoin and Altcoin Specific Technical Trading Analysis. 4-) Making New Initial Pre-Sale Notifications. 5-) Token Holders will be able to Participate Governance and Vote for Proposals. 6-) Also, 20% weekly Reward is given to users Who Staking for Premium Membership. 7-) Distribution Pool is Created each time ANITO Receives a Private Investment. 5% of This Investment Amount is Distributed as an equal amount of Gift Tokens to Token Stakers over 60 days. 8-) Buyback and Burn, ANITO Each time Receives Private Investment, 5% will be use to Repurchase and Extra Burning Anito Tokens from the Open Market. 9-) After DEX Listing, 3% Proceeds from Transfer Fees will be used for Building a Balanced Ecosystem and Afforestation Efforts.

1 Audit

Last audit was made at 22/12/2021


Iteration (22/12/2021)
Onboarded on 22/12/2021
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