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Musical Chairs

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$CHAIRS is an on-chain experiment based on the famous Musical Chair Game. We’ve engineered this experiment to make you stake your tokens, fight for survival, and earn some sweet rewards. Along with our burn-lock mechanisms it creates a deflationary token with high liquidity. The rules are simple, my friend. Your golden opportunity here is the chance we give you to grab a chair before the music stops, by choosing your preferred staking option. Each chair comes with its own quirks, such as APR, lock-up period, maximum lock amount, and a 2% unstaking fee that will be burned. It will pause only when we reach 200 new stakers (with a minimum time gap of 3 hours) or alternatively every 24 hours. Now here’s the kicker: If you don’t have a seat when the music stops, guess what happens? Your tokens become non-usable. Yep, they become permanently non-transferable for you and subsequently burned. So, choose wisely and stay around, my friend. You’re welcome to take a seat. Music can make your life better. Meme coins too.

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Last audit was made at 22/05/2023


Onboarded on 22/05/2023
Findings Blurred
Audit in progress 60%

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