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ObeseFans Calories


At ObeseFans, we have direct knowledge of the challenges that accompany prioritizing health and wellness in a fast-paced world. We comprehend that individuals are exhausted by shelving their well-being, and we are resolute in altering that. Our venture was established on the notion that everyone deserves access to the means required to ameliorate their personal health and mitigate financial strains. By means of our exclusive NFTs and the ObeseFans Calories Token (CLRS), we are introducing a new methodology to the fitness and wellness industry. By providing fiscal motivations and access to our platform, we are bestowing individuals with the power to steer their physical fitness journey and elevate their health as a top priority. Should you share our vision and have a fervent enthusiasm for promoting health and wellness, we cordially welcome you to join us in our crusade. Kindly explore our website and peruse our whitepaper to learn more about ObeseFans and discover how you can partake in our project.

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Last audit was made at 12/05/2023


Onboarded on 12/05/2023
Findings Blurred
Audit in progress 90%

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