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LasMeta is a play-to-earn metaverse poker game platform built with blockchain and VR technology. Participation in the platform is completely free and players cannot trade with FIAT currency or tokens. Earnings of users are paid with $LASGEM and can be converted to $LASM and transferred to wallets. What is LasMeta Token? LasMeta Token ($LASM) is the main management and utility token generated as Ethereum Network. $LASM holders earn with Staking and benefit from various passive income mechanisms related to the platform. What is LasMeta NFT? “LasMeta NFT” is a 7000 piece NFT collection produced on the Ethereum Network in the ERC-721 protocol and also associated with the LasMeta poker game platform. In addition to earning passive income with NFTs, users also have various privileges on the game platform. LasMeta Token (LASM) is the main management and utility token of the platform, a play-to-earn game project based in Finland. The development of the project started on 10.10.2021. Metaverse poker game platform on the basis of "Virtual Reality" (VR) technology and integrated into the blockchain, where users can participate completely free of charge, earn income, own a casino, spend a lot of time and have fun. There is also an NFT collection belonging to the platform. In line with various opportunities for both LasMeta Token and NFT holders, income generation mechanisms have been created. Players must have "Reputetion Points(REPP)" to enter the games. "REPP" are sold in the store. Each player has "REPP" when first register on the platform. Players gain or lose points according to their success. Also, players are given "Daily Chips" and “REPP” regularly by the game, however, players who lost their chips can enter the game by purchasing chips from the store. Platform Features • Virtual Reality (VR) • Marketplace • Item Buy-Sell Functions • Play-to-Earn Gaming • Ads Revenues • Daily Free Chips&REPPS • Game Casino Ownerships • KYC Verification for Participation Token Features • Utility • Staking (soon) • Farming (soon) • Using on Game for Purchase NFT Features • Daily YIELD (no-stake) • Monthly Airdrop • Earn Benefits on Game Platform Player earnings are paid with $LASGEM. Collected $LASGEMs are converted to $LASM and could be transferred to users wallet. You can compare our platform to Facebook's popular poker game "Zynga". Unlike them, we ask users for KYC verification to participate in games. In addition, with our user-friendly algorithm, we will put the players to rest for 2 hours by activating the stop-loss system so that the players with a losing percentage above 70% will not lose any more. Thus, we want players to focus on enjoying more without stress.

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Last audit was made at 12/02/2022


Iteration (17/08/2022)
Iteration (05/05/2022)
Iteration (12/02/2022)
Onboarded on 17/08/2022
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