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CZ Luna


Hello future CZ Loonatic! CZ Luna was born after CZ (Binance CEO) submitted a public proposal to Luna Team, which was backed also by the Lunatics community, encouraging them to implement an effective burn mechanism into their ecosystem, instead of forking Luna. Unfortunately, Luna Team and Do Kwon have failed us all, and decided to move against both CZ's and the community's proposal. Henceforth, we as a team of contributors who have years of experience, supported by X-Luna devs and the X-Lunatic community, have all joined forces to create a hyper-deflationary model of Luna Classic, BUIDL a whole ecosystem around it and call it CZ Luna. ∇ The CZ Luna Ecosystem consists of 5 solid utilities ∇ • $LUNCZ the governance token of CZ Luna's vibrant ecosystem. It’s a multi-chain token, deployed initially on BSC, and will be deployed later on ETH and Polygon. • Decentra Loona Verse (DLV), a AAA-graphics fully immersive Metaverse NFT game with Play2Earn, and Create2Earn C2E Mechanics. • LooNFT Marketplace. A Cross-Chain NFT marketplace, that enables Loonaversians and non-loonaversians to buy, sell, auction, exchange, and rent out NFT items such as virtual real estate, land parcels, in-game assets, and much more. • Loona DEX, a decentralized exchange (DEX) with the lowest fees. Slick, user-friendly, and suitable for everyone including beginners. It will also enable high %APY staking. • Multi-DeFi solutions, through several integrations with partners like Monty Pay, Bogged Finance, Inverse Finance, and Chainlink. ∇ SAFU measures ∇ ✓ Locked Liquidity. ✓ Non-mintable (Capped Max supply) ✓ Anti-Bots Snipe Function, to prevent price manipulation at launch and protect $LUNCZ holders. ✓ SAFU and very experienced Devs. ✓ Contract Ownership will be renounced. ✓ Linear Coin Vesting to avoid dump at launch, and during the first 3 months. ✓ Smart Contract Verified, and Audited line-by-line by Coinscope. ∇ Tokenomics ∇ ◽️Auto-Burn on every transaction BUY\SELL (Burn address is not excluded from fees) ◽️3% Reflections to $LUNCZ Diamond Hands HODLers ◽️4% Development wallet ◽️5% Auto-Liquidity pool. **Tax distribution can be changed in the future upon community votes. 🟦Pre-Sale (Link and Details): 🔷Pre-Sale price: 3 Billion $LUNCZ / per 1 BNB 🔷Launch price: 2 Billion $LUNCZ / per 1 BNB 🚨🚨 Participating in pre-sale will grant you 1,000,000,000 $LUNCZ Extra! 🚨🚨 The team is available 24/7. Be part of a vibrant community full of CZ Loonatics! 📌Website : 📌Official Telegram group: 📌Official Twitter account:

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Last audit was made at 13/06/2022


Iteration (05/07/2022)
Iteration (25/06/2022)
Iteration (13/06/2022)
Onboarded on 05/07/2022
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