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《AVATAR Gameplay Instruction》 AVATAR -- the first DeGameFi, Shock to come! Decentralized chain on perpetuity GameFi, players play with Matic token, Matic in and out, Dual engine with quantity and the price ! BFN intelligent function on the chain control + resurrection mechanism +the value of Matic, The “Seed ”compound interest growth distribution in seconds! Decentralized chain contract, management rights discarded black hole burned, open and transparent data link, the rights of ‘Seed’100% dominated by players!、 Part Ⅰ: Seed Returns: Daily 0.3% -1% The minimum for the players to participate is 100 matic, the maximum is 1000 matic, It’s all free choice for the six magic boxes, every box based the basic function value, The seed return 1% per day, beyond the function value of the part of the return float reduced, the minimum returning will be daily 0.3%. The Box I - daily , can extract seeds and return at any time The Box II -- A contract for 3-8 days The Box III -- A contract for 9-16 days The Box IV -- A contract for17-31 days The Box V --A contract for 32-91 days The Box VI -- A contract for 92-181 days The Box II --The Box VI randomly matches the number of days of participation, and players can withdraw The Seeds and rewards anytime upon expiration. Part Ⅱ , Tribal return: 6% 1. Tribal Award: 4.8 % Tribes that meet the standard can enjoy the rewards of their complete tribes participating in the seed flow, and smaller tribes participating in the seed flow stacking accounting to promote the tribe's fighting force. The fighting force will only rises but does not fall. The fighting force promotion criteria are as follows: 10,000 Matics -- Lv1 Earn your full tribe seed by 0.4% each time they participate 100,000 matic -- Lv2 Earn your full tribe seed by 0.8% each time they participate 400,000 Matics -- Lv3 Earn your full tribe seed by 1.2% each time they participate 800,000 Matics-LV4 And so on, the highest LEVEL is LEVEL 12 240 million Matics-LV12 Earn your full tribe seed by 4.8% each time they participate Smaller tribes can promote thefighting force, and for the fairness the stronger parter also can be surpassed; The more elves summon, the larger tribe, the more seed returns; Power determines the rate of return, and the higher power, the higher rate of return. 2. Genie Award: 1.2% A total of 10 levels, 0.12% for each level, enjoy different genie awards according to the different power of the tribe: Lv1 - Earn 0.12% of full Tribe Rank 2; Lv2 -- Earn full Tribe 4Levels for each 0.12% : Lv3 - Earn full Tribe 6Levels for each 0.12%; Lv4 - Earn full Clan 8Levels for each 0.12%; Lv5 - Earn full tribe 10Levels for each 0.12%; Lv5 -- Lv12, both can enjoy the full tribe 10th rank of 1.2% of the genie awards. The more the clan returns, the more callings, the more participation, the faster the cycle, the more returns, the faster the rate of return is always accelerating Part Ⅲ. Engine welfare: 1% When the boxes finish, the last 60 players to enjoy the box totaly seed 1% of flows weight dividend, the greater weight, the more welfare dividend; Part Ⅳ, The most loss gain logic: 65% of all players' participating seeds will be stored in the secure the box, which will be used to close the box to take back the seeds and return the safety amount of stop loss to ensure the safety of 65% of players' participating seeds. When the loss happens, players will get 100% gain amount of participating seeds and can choose the magic box to participate at will. Daily seed return will increase by 0.5% on the basis of participating in the new Magic Box daily seed return, from 1%-0.3% to 1.5%-0.8%, allowing you to easily turn losses into profits. AVATAR - DeGameFi, decentralized chain game, the world's first, leading the future! Sometimes it takes one crazy move to turn things around in your life. Life is too short to leave time for regrets. If this is not the end, just keep smiling forward. Tell the other tribes to come together and set out

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Last audit was made at 07/02/2023


Iteration (07/02/2023)
Iteration (03/02/2023)
Onboarded on 07/02/2023
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