DeFi Kingdom and Cyberscope - Case Study

Cyberscope Team
June 30, 2023
DeFi Kingdom and Cyberscope -  Case Study

About DeFi Kingdoms

DeFi Kingdoms is a blockchain-based strategy game that combines decentralised finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with gaming. Players can explore a virtual world, build and manage their kingdoms, and participate in battles with other players.

The game operates on the DFKChain and Klaytn networks and uses the native token "JEWEL" as its currency. Players can earn JEWEL tokens by completing tasks, participating in battles, and staking their assets in liquidity pools.

DeFi Kingdoms also incorporates NFTs, which are unique digital assets that represent ownership of in-game items, such as weapons, armour, and characters. These NFTs can be bought and sold on decentralized marketplaces.

DeFi Kingdoms aims to create a fun and engaging gaming experience while also providing users with the benefits of DeFi and NFTs, such as the ability to earn passive income and own valuable digital assets. Their products are used by thousands of users daily and they are releasing new features every few weeks.

Cyberscope x DeFi Kingdoms

DeFi Kingdoms was searching for an audit firm that can adapt to their development speed and requirements.

 The main requirements were:

  • Speed: DeFi Kingdoms are constantly improving their smart contracts and shipping new features. They were looking to work with an audit firm that can deliver audit assessments that matches their development speed.
  • Quality: While speed was of the essence to the engineering team, they didn’t want to compromise quality, so they were looking for a reputable team that could take on this challenge.
  • Performance: Serving thousands of users daily, DeFi Kingdoms team is always looking for ways to improve performance. They wanted the auditors to give attention to any optimisations that can happen in their contracts.

The collaboration started with the first audit assessment, which was the Crystal token. DeFi Kingdoms was initially impressed by the assessment results. Cyberscope delivered a ​​smart contract audit report that achieved a combination of speed and quality to ensure that the audit is thorough and completed within a reasonable timeframe.

Therefore, Cyberscope was established as a significant audit partner of DeFi Kingdoms. The Auction House Ecosystem was the next big project out of many more to come.

The Crystal Token Audit Report

The Crystal Token is one of the tokens around the DeFi Kingdoms Ecosystem. In Crystalvale, Crystal serves as the primary token of value, providing more utility than a typical cryptocurrency.

This token can be used to acquire and produce Hero NFTs, exchanged on the in-game DEX, combined for liquidity, and other in-game activities.

The audit assessment had many aspects of the contract and the business logic to evaluate. Some of them were:

  • To ensure that the token works as expected in terms of a standard tradable token.
  • To make sure that the contract roles are clearly defined.
  • To establish that the additional features do not contain any vulnerabilities. 

The additional features of the Crystal token are the mint functionality and a lockers mechanism. Among some minor findings, the audit assessment found one critical and one medium severity finding.

The critical finding was taking place in the lockers feature. The contract had an inconsistency in how it handled the date period. This issue could produce a huge impact on the additional functionality and the contracts that interact with it. The audit report contained a detailed explanation of the issue as well as information on how it can be reproduced. It also assisted the developers with recommendations for potential fixes.

The medium severity finding evolved into an inconsistency issue that could be produced from an incorrect contract configuration. If an authorized user performed a sequence of some specific actions in the contract configuration, then the locked tokens could remain locked forever inside the contract. Following the same pattern as the critical finding, the audit report helped the reader with a detailed description and recommendation. DeFi Kingdoms’ team was more than happy with the outcome of the audit and impressed with the delivery speed of the report and the vulnerabilities that were uncovered.

Read the full report here.

A Longterm Collaboration

DeFi Kingdoms was impressed with the quality and speed of Cyberscope’s audit. As a token of their gratitude, DeFi Kingdoms added Cyberscope as an NPC (non-player character) inside their game. Thousand of players can learn more about Cyberscope while they are playing their favourite game, by talking to the 'Envoy' NPC and clicking on the 'View Apps' button.

Cyberscope featured in DeFi Kingdoms game
Cyberscope featured in DeFi Kingdoms game

Final Thoughts

The success story of the collaboration between the DeFi Kingdoms and Cyberscope serves as yet another testimony of the quality and speed of their smart contract audits. When DeFi Kingdoms was searching for a solution that could deal with their demanding requirements, Cyberscope was there to cover all their needs. DeFi Kingdoms chose an experienced audit partner that assists them in the entire production cycle. Cyberscope is helping DeFi Kingdoms to deliver production-ready features cleared of vulnerabilities and performance optimized.

You can keep track of the ongoing partnership and the full reports here:

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