How to Create Your Own BEP20 Token

Cyberscope Team
June 07, 2022
How to Create Your Own BEP20 Token

If you are wondering how to create a crypto token — whether to boost your DeFi app, raise money for app development, or chase other goals — look no further. We will explain how you can create your own crypto token, even if you don’t know much about blockchain technology.

Do I need programming experience to create a Token?

One might think that creating a cryptocurrency token will require lots of programming experience, but it's not necessarily the case. The easiest route to create your own cryptocurrency token is by using dedicated no-code platforms. If we have SaaS platforms to create web and mobile apps from scratch, using a drag-and-drop UI, why can’t there be tools for creating tokens?

Token Create Tool
Token Create Tool

Is there a tool like that?

You guessed right, such tools do exist! Let’s take a look at Coinscope’s Create Token Mechanism.

Using a simple form, you can choose how your cryptocurrency token will be named, the total supply, the decimals, and any special tokenomics. Coinscope offers you the ability to select between various smart contracts with different tokenomics. After you define your project’s details in the form, you press the Create Button and the platform will handle everything in the background for you! The smart contract then gets deployed in the blockchain and verified by our automated tools. Your token is now generated and if you open your BEP20 wallet, you will see that all the contract supply tokens have been moved into your wallet.

Coinscope’s create Token
Coinscope’s create Token
Will my Token pass an Audit? Is it SAFU?

Definitely and with flying colors. Cyberscope is a worldwide Cyber Security Blockchain protocol with experience in smart contract audits on various networks. The contracts have been already audited by them and are ready for project owners to dominate the market. A smart contract Audit is an important step in your project’s security and sometimes teams spend a lot of time and money to strengthen the security of their project. The fact that you know beforehand that the contract is already safe and audited will not only save you time and funds but also the investors will appreciate it and get hyped.


Creating your own crypto token can be as simple as posting a picture on social media, utilizing the right platform can give you a strategic advantage against competitors. You can find all the necessary tools to bootstrap your crypto endeavors in Coinscope, the one-stop crypto destination.

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