How To Get a Pinksale KYC

Cyberscope Team
December 28, 2022
How To Get a Pinksale KYC


In the world of cryptocurrency, “KYC” stands for “Know Your Customer” and refers to the process of verifying the identity of clients or investors. This is important for a number of reasons, including ensuring compliance with anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing laws, preventing fraud and protecting against financial crimes. KYC is a common practice in the financial industry, but it has become especially important in the world of cryptocurrency where transactions can be anonymous and difficult to trace.

In this blog post, we will explore the role of KYC in the cryptocurrency industry and how it is being implemented by different companies and organizations like Pinksale one of the most popular launchpads in the industry.

What is Pinksale?

Pinksale Finance is a launchpad platform that allows its users to launch their own tokens. Currently supporting all major networks such as Binance, Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche, it offers various features that can help users launch their own tokens and attract investors. Some of them include LP locking, vesting options, and automatic listing on exchanges.

One of the most popular uses of PinkSale is its presale system. Projects can do either a public or a private presale and use the features that Pinksale has to offer such as the Anti-Rug and Anti-Bot system.

Also, anyone who wants to do an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) can use the platform of PinkSale to create their own custom token, without the need to use any coding, and sell it to investors.

How Do Presales Work?

A presale is a crowdfunding event that offers investors the opportunity to purchase tokens before the official launch of an ICO. The main reason project owners run a presale is to raise the necessary funds for further development of their project.

As long as the presale lasts, investors have the opportunity to buy the tokens of the contract at a lower price point. That will potentially help them to see a higher return on their investment if the value of the currency increases after the official launch of the token.

However, as with all investments, participating in a presale comes with is risks. If the development plans do not go as expected and the project token fails to launch, investors will end up owning untradable tokens that will eventually have no value.

Furthermore, project teams may take the opportunity, after the presale ends, to earn quick profit by committing fraud and abandoning the project. This can be achieved in various ways by the project owners. The most common is by performing a rug pull or exploiting admin functions of the smart contract in order not to allow investors to sell, commonly referred to as a honeypot. For these reasons, a KYC certification is essential for a team that runs a presale.

How do presales work?
How do presales work?

Why is KYC important?

As explained earlier, KYC or Know Your Customer is the process during which an accredited third-party organization validates the identity of a customer. The core members of the project team that runs a presale usually go through the KYC process in order to earn the corresponding certification.

In order to achieve that, the team members must follow a validation process that is defined by the KYC organization. As part of the process, participants must submit their personal documentation which usually includes a government-issued ID or a passport and an official document with their physical address. The IDs are usually processed by automated tools that can verify their authenticity and detect possible tampering. The process may differ according to the requirements of each company. For instance, the KYC provider may require an interview with the participants, as an extra step, in order to ensure that they are indeed members of the project team.

The team will receive a KYC certification if the participants complete the process successfully. According to the KYC terms that both parties agree on if the project team commits fraud, the company that provided the certificate can use the individual’s information to pursue charges with the relevant authorities.

A KYC certification is an important asset for both the investors and the organization that runs a Pinksale presale. By getting a Pinksale KYC certificate, a project team builds a relationship of trust with its users and potential investors. Not only will they feel safer investing in a project but they will also be more confident in interacting with its smart contract. Last but not least, the KYC certification proves that the team members have no compunction about tying their personal information to their project.

The team will receive a KYC certification if the participants complete the validation process successfully
The team will receive a KYC certification if the participants complete the validation process successfully

How Can You Get a Pinksale KYC?

As mentioned before, Pinksale KYC is one of the certifications a project can acquire for its presale. Pinksale has integrated a badge system in the presale section in a way to display all the certifications of the project.

The available badges are the following:

Audit Badge: The Audit badge indicates that the contract of the token has been audited for possible threats and vulnerabilities that could possibly be exploited by the team or external actors.

KYC Badge: The KYC badge means that owners or the core members of the project team have passed through the ‘Know your Customer’ process.

SAFU Badge: The SAFU badge proves that the contract has been deployed by an official developer approved by Pinksale. SAFU contracts are developed with specific requirements so that the project owners cannot manipulate the contract in order to harm the investors.

Doxx Badge: In order to earn the Doxx Badge, the project team must publish a Youtube video and an AMA (Ask me Anything) interview proving in that way the identities of its members.

The more presale badges a project gets, the more investors are likely to be interested, as they take these certifications into account for their investment decisions.

Project owners can get a KYC badge for their presale from Pinksale itself or any other official provider approved by Pinksale. Cyberscope is an official Audit & KYC partner of Pinksale having already provided more than 500+ KYC certificates.


KYC is not only an important tool in the fight against financial crimes but also a useful asset for investors’ decisions. Crypto projects keep increasing in numbers and so do the project owners who try to take advantage of the investors for a quick profit.

On the other hand, investors always have to do their own research and choose projects that have audit and KYC certificates before they decide to invest. The more badges a project acquires, the greater the chances of a successful launch.

If you need a Pinksale KYC quote, feel free to contact us at: [email protected] or @coinscope_admin on Telegram.

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