How to Do a BSC Rug Pull Check for Any Contract

Cyberscope Team
March 24, 2023
How to Do a BSC Rug Pull Check for Any Contract

Cryptocurrency investment may be lucrative, but it’s important to exercise care before putting money into a new venture. There are many frauds out there, therefore research is essential before making an investment. One of the most serious hazards to look out for is a rug pull, which is when developers suddenly leave a project, taking all the committed investments with them. It’s crucial to conduct a BSC rug pull check on any contract you’re considering investing in to prevent being a victim of one.

What is a Rug Pull?

A rug pull happens when the project’s creators abruptly stop working on it and take all the money invested with them. Normally, they will build up the project’s profile, draw a large number of investors, and then vanish with the money, leaving investors with useless tokens. Even after a project has been operational for some time, a rug pull can occur at any time, and it can be catastrophic for investors who have invested a lot of money in the business.

Types of Rug Pulls

Typically, there are two types of rug pulls: hard and soft. A hard rug pull occurs when the token’s development team sells all of its tokens, abandons the project, and typically vanishes. Often, but not always, it’s quite challenging to get your money back when this happens.

When a project’s development team abandons their token but keeps telling investors that they are still working on the project, we have a case known as a gentle rug pull (or gradual rug pull). Soft rug pulls often provide lower earnings for con artists, but it is exceedingly difficult to prove their guilt. This is due to the fact that it is difficult to establish whether or not the crew has genuinely abandoned the project.

Rug Pull Check
Rug Pull Check

BSC Rug Pull Check for Any Contract — Procedure

You must do a BSC rug pull check on any contract you are considering investing in, in order to safeguard yourself from a rug pull. The steps you must take are as follows:

Check the Contract Address

Checking the contract address is the first step in a BSC rug pull. The specific identification for the smart contract that manages the token is the contract address. It’s crucial to confirm that the contract address you have is accurate since con artists sometimes generate fictitious contract addresses to deceive investors.

You could use a blockchain explorer like or to confirm the contract address. The blockchain explorer will display the contact information, including the name of the token, the total amount of tokens in circulation, and the address of the contract author, when you enter the contract address into the search box.

Contract Address Check
Contract Address Check

Check the Liquidity Pool

The liquidity pool is where investors may purchase and sell the token. To make sure there is adequate liquidity to sustain trade activity, it is crucial to examine the liquidity pool. If there is insufficient liquidity, it can be an indication that the enterprise is fraudulent.

Use Coinbrain or Poocoin or another software that supports the functionality to verify the liquidity pool. These websites will display information about the liquidity pool, including the amount of liquidity and the token’s current price, when you enter the contract address of the token into the search field.

Review the Tokenomics

The economic framework of the token is referred to as tokenomics. The supply, allocation, and distribution of tokens are all included. When investing in a new project, tokenomics is a crucial issue to take into account because it might alter the token’s value over time.

You can read the token’s contract on BscScan or any blockchain explorer to analyze the tokenomics. Check for details on the overall supply, the token distribution, and any distributions of tokens to the development team or early investors. A red flag indicating a project is a fraud would include tokenomics that appear dubious or unfair.

Smart Contract Audit
Smart Contract Audit

Ensure the Contract is Audited and the Team has KYC

Verify that a respected third-party audit company has audited the smart contract. BSC Rug Pull Check is also a procedure for checking a smart contract’s source code to make sure it doesn’t have any flaws that a malicious party may use to steal money from the contract’s users.

Always check if the project team has their smart contract audited and if they have passed a Know Your Customer (KYC) verification with a popular cyber security company like Cyberscope. Smart contract audits will uncover any potential vulnerabilities, but will not protect you against hard and soft rug pulls. KYC on the other hand will keep the project owners accountable in case they perform either a soft or a hard rug pull. In such cases, the KYC provider can use the project team’s credentials and pursue legal action against them and potentially recover your funds.

Watch the Project’s Social Media Accounts

To find out if there is any suspicious behavior or if the creators are making claims that appear too good to be true, check the project’s social media profiles. That might be a warning sign if there is a lack of openness or if the developers are making exaggerated claims. The most apparent approach to being informed about project developments and announcements is to do this. A project’s community’s opinion too might be a useful indicator of any problems or worries. If you observe a lot of bad comments or complaints on social media, it might be a warning indicator that something is amiss. You may keep up with any updates, new collaborations, or adjustments to the project by following the project’s official Twitter, Telegram, Discord, or other social media accounts.

Watch the Project's Social Media Accounts
Watch the Project's Social Media Accounts

Keep an Eye Out for Sudden Changes

If you see abrupt changes in a project’s social media activity or website, this may be a hint that a rug pull is about to happen. For instance, it’s likely that the project’s creators are attempting to hide their activities if they abruptly cease publishing updates or completely remove their social media accounts.

In Conclusion

Finally, before making an investment in any Binance Smart Chain (BSC) project, investors should do a BSC rug pull check in any contract they think of using to invest their money. This procedure includes doing extensive due diligence on the project’s staff, evaluating the code, studying the tokenomics, and keeping an eye on the liquidity pool.

Investors should utilize a variety of tools, including Cyberscope’s cyberscan, which provides a thorough analysis or examination of a computer system or network to identify security vulnerabilities or potential threats. They should also use other tools from official project websites, social media platforms, and outside auditing organizations, to successfully complete a BSC rug pull check. Also, it’s crucial to keep a watch out for warning signs like unidentified or inexperienced teams, exaggerated claims, or shady token distributions.

Investors may help safeguard themselves from dubious projects and make more educated investment selections on the Binance Smart Chain by following these procedures and doing a BSC rug pull check for any contract.

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