"The Importance of Cybersecurity in Web3.0" with Thanos

Cyberscope Team
December 08, 2022
"The Importance of Cybersecurity in Web3.0" with Thanos

These days it may be hard to find ways to grow your wealth in the crypto world and it turns out to be more gambling than investing.

The Seasonal Tokens is a project that was conceived with the vision of a new investment that can not be affected by the bear markets of the bitcoin’s seasonality. Polar M, Marketing Director of the Seasonal Tokens team, hosts a series of podcast sessions around safe investments.

What are the red flags you should be aware of before investing? How can scams and rug pulls be avoided? Thanos Tsavlis, CEO & Co-Founder of, joins the 21st episode of the Seasonal Tokens podcast in a discussion about the importance of cybersecurity in Web 3.0.

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