Redeem Audit Credits

Audit Credits represent redeemable coupons that you can trade in for discounted Audits.

Redeem Audit Credits

With this exclusive voucher, you are entitled to receive a discount on your Smart Contract Audit. Enhance the security and reliability of your projects while enjoying substantial savings through this offer. We support Solidity, Rust, and development Audit.

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  • Reputable Security Company recognized by platforms and organizations
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  • Work with professionals and industry leaders devs and auditors
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Terms and Conditions

These Audit Vouchers, herein referred to as "Vouchers," are redeemable coupons issued by Cyberscope to conduct security audits.
  • Redemption Value: Each Audit Voucher has a predetermined redemption value, denoted in USDT. This value represents a credit applicable towards the total cost of a smart contract audit conducted by Cyberscope
  • Reduction in Audit Cost: The redemption of an Audit Voucher results in a proportional reduction in the overall audit cost. For example, if the standard audit fee is $1,500 and the Audit Voucher is valued at $1,000, the client is required to pay only $500 after applying the voucher.
  • Validity Period: Audit Vouchers are valid for 3 months. Clients must redeem the vouchers within this timeframe to avail themselves of the associated benefits.
  • Single Use: Each Audit Voucher is designed for a single-use case. Once redeemed for a specific project, the voucher cannot be reused for any subsequent audits.
  • No Cash Value: Audit Vouchers hold no cash value and cannot be exchanged for monetary compensation. They are exclusively intended for reducing the cost of smart contract audits conducted by Cyberscope.

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