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Tectum Emission Token


THE FASTEST BLOCKCHAIN The Tectum Blockchain exceeds 1 million transactions per second using a proprietary Proof-of-Utility Consensus. This makes Tectum the perfect solution as an “Overlay Network” for numerous blockchain systems such as Bitcoin. The SoftNote is the first ever ‘transactionless’ product with instant payment zero-fee processing for an end-user. The SoftNote has ‘physical cash’ elements, for example, a Bitcoin SoftNote bill can be printed on paper, does not require a confirmation from the Bitcoin network, incurs no fees, and has no geographical boundaries. Therefore, the SoftNote can be used person-to-person, sent over any messenger application as a picture file or sent by wallet to wallet. A SoftNote is secured by a passcode rendering it useless to an unauthorised possessor. Are you tired of long delays and expensive Bitcoin transaction fees? SoftNotes instantly transfer Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for free. This makes the SoftNote optimal for online currency transfers and retail payments. The Tectum wallet provides a truly instant, and highly secure payment, such is facilitated by the formidable foundation of the ultra-high-speed Tectum blockchain.

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Last audit was made at 17/03/2023


Iteration (17/03/2023)
Iteration (14/03/2023)
Iteration (09/03/2023)
Onboarded on 17/03/2023
Findings Blurred
Audit in progress 50%

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