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INTDESTCOIN (INTD) represents a revolutionary digital ecosystem that transcends geographical boundaries, allowing for the validation of any digital content. As an integral part of the INTDEST services' financial ecosystem, INTD demonstrates a wide range of applications, such as serving as a reference currency for various cash services including FX, NFT, and MUZINT. The platform is characterized by a controlled inflation rate with plans to progressively decrease inflation over time. Furthermore, INTD is not only practical, economical, and valuable, but it also generates economic incentives for its holders, as they effectively become shareholders of all INTDEST services. The INTD ecosystem comprises numerous large-scale projects, each of which operates independently within its respective domain. As part of the INTD ecosystem, these projects contribute to free and public shares, as well as currency generation and profit-making for INTD holders. Comprehensive details of all projects can be found in the INTD white paper, which refers to the INTDEST services accessible via the website. The strength of the INTDESTCOIN project is further bolstered by the addition of internal services. The project's internal services are organized into three distinct layers. The first layer entails a dedicated wallet, enabling every INTD holder to create a personalized wallet for their INTD holdings without requiring third-party software. Notably, this wallet supports all active global currencies and offers convenience, security, and decentralization that appeal to INTD shareholders. The second layer encompasses all transactions occurring within dedicated wallets or common wallets connected to the system, which can be utilized with a specialized and advanced explorer. The third layer combines the P2P exchange section with Web3 technology, allowing INTD holders and other digital currency users to conduct transactions seamlessly. Additionally, the third layer includes a swap feature that integrates an internal aggregator, such as 1inch, to monitor and identify the best buy and sell prices, ensuring digital currency holders a secure and profitable trading experience. The INTD portal offers a comprehensive suite of facilities for token creation, NFT creation and minting, token transfers using Multisender technology, and numerous other possibilities. Support for the entire INTD ecosystem can be found on the website, providing users with a one-stop solution for their digital currency needs.

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Last audit was made at 27/05/2023
Onboarded on 27/05/2023
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