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With a strong community of over 300,000 members in over 127 countries worldwide (Deci 2021), the LIMOCOIN SWAP is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies in this industryi As proof, the LIMOCOIN SWAP has broken the world record for the number of transactions for a newly listed cryptocurrency, by crossing the 1 million marks in just 120 days of existence following its listing in December 2021. This achievement was made possible thanks to an ingenious and finely crafted eco- system, as well as a strong and dynamic community, both built during 4 years of a meticulously executed Initial Coin Offering (ICO) between 2017 and 2021i As early as 2017 the founders of the project undertook initiatives with all relevant state agencies and authorities in Africa to assist and accompany with the regulation process and popularization of the cryptocurrency sector There have been many efforts to inspire a real regulation of crypto assets, in order to guarantee and perpe- tuate this activity in Africa, as other precursor countries doi It took tremendous efforts up until 2022 to see the first concrete results of these actions, with the adoption in Central Africa of a legal framework as the foundation for the regulation of crypto assets. Further in this pioneering role the Trading Academy of lobal Investment Trading ( IT), one of the 23 companies of the SIMB ROUP has already successfully trained several thousand young Africans since 2017, in the understanding and use of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain Technology. All these actions are supported by a vast campaign of popularization of the LIMOCOIN SWAP as a means of payment for goods and services in Africa and the rest of the world; an initiative crowned with success thanks to the participation of several thou- sand merchants and kiosks on the 5 continents. Moreover, a stacking program allows any holder to benefit from the LIMOCOIN SWAP as an investment tool by participating in a stacking scheme on the LIYEPLIMAL plat- form with an annual profitability rate from 2% to 40%. All of this is topped off by a super active and resilient community that carries out various activities and initiates several projects, all in favor of the big vision of era- dicating poverty in Africa. Therefore, everything is in place to make sure that this pioneering project will significantly impact the cryptocurrency and blockchain landscape in Africa and thus model this landscape in a way that enables a massive and organized adhe- sion of the populations, especially the youthi Education and sharing remain the watchwords !

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Last audit was made at 01/05/2023
Onboarded on 01/05/2023
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