Cyberscope Partners with GeckoTerminal

Cyberscope Team
November 04, 2022
Cyberscope Partners with GeckoTerminal

Introduction to The Partnership

Cyberscope is thrilled to announce its partnership with the GeckoTerminal team. The users are now able to use Cyberscan in the platform of GeckoTerminal to analyze smart contracts on multiple chains. This collaboration will be a stepping stone in the vision of Cyberscope to make Web3.0 a safer place for everyone.

About GeckoTerminal

Booby Ong, co-founder, and chief operating officer of CoinGecko, introduced GeckoTerminal to the cryptocurrency market after he founded CoinGecko in 2014. It was initially created as a tool for internal use.

Due to the increasing interest of users to follow the price charts, the Coingecko team decided to make the platform public to the audience. It quickly evolved and started tracking as many EVM-compatible chains and DEXs as possible. The charting application of the platform now supports more than 20 EVM chains and over 100 Automated Market Makers. Another key element of GeckoTerminal is that it lets you follow all the ERC-20 fungible tokens that are in circulation.

About Cyberscan

Cyberscan is a convenient and free software that helps investors quickly gain insights into any given smart contract. The software will check for known code vulnerabilities and will then produce an instant report for the users to evaluate.

The tool is very simple and easy to use. All you need to do is paste the smart contract address to the related field, choose the blockchain network from the dropdown, and press Search. Cyberscan will run a smart contract analysis and will generate a full report in only a few seconds. The report will also include key indicators like if the contract’s ownership is renounced, if the contract is a proxy and various others. Last but not least, you can see the similarity between the code of your contract versus popular forks. This will help you understand if it’s minted from a specific platform or how unique it is.

Cyberscan has been used by thousands of investors worldwide and has helped them with their investment decisions.

About Cyberscope x GeckoTerminal Partnership

Cyberscope’s partnership with GeckoTerminal will allow retail investors to get instant access to smart contracts’ information at the click of a button. GeckoTerminal supports more than 1 million cryptocurrency tokens on its platform; which means that its users will now be able to have a full analysis report that will include all the potential vulnerabilities of these. This will allow them to make more informed decisions before investing in newly listed tokens.


Closing Thoughts

Cyberscope will continue to innovate and offer more tools to retail investors and developers in order to make Web3.0 a safer place. We recently released Safescan in public beta, which allows you to scan any wallet and see if it was involved in any risky transactions. Cyberscope is on an everlasting mission to build a safer web3.0 for everyone and will continue to foster new partnerships and products in order to do so.

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