Cyberscope Partners With Techstars Accelerator

Cyberscope Team
January 18, 2023
Cyberscope Partners With Techstars Accelerator

Techstars is a well-known accelerator program for startups, helping early-stage companies to grow and develop by providing mentorship, resources, and funding. One area that is becoming increasingly important for startups to consider is the security of their blockchain projects.

With the rise of blockchain and smart contract technology, more and more startups are looking to take advantage of this technology’s benefits. However, it’s important to remember that blockchain is a relatively new and complex technology, and there are many potential security risks that need to be considered.

That’s why Cyberscope, a company specializing in smart contract security audits, is excited to announce a special discount for Techstars startups. By using Techstars as their accelerator, startups can receive a $500 discount on their smart contract audits with Cyberscope.

To redeem your Cyberscope smart contract audit discount, visit: using your Techstars credentials and click on the Cyberscope perk.

Techstars Cyberscope Perk
Techstars Cyberscope Perk

This is a great opportunity for startups to ensure the security and integrity of their blockchain projects, without breaking the bank. With Cyberscope’s expert team of security professionals, startups can rest assured that their smart contracts are secure and ready to be deployed on the blockchain.

In summary, Techstars startups now have an opportunity to ensure the security of their blockchain projects and save money with a $500 discount on smart contract audits with Cyberscope. This will help startups to have peace of mind and focus on the growth of their projects.

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