How to Get Pinksale SAFU Badge. A Guide For Project Owners

Cyberscope Team
June 01, 2023
How to Get Pinksale SAFU Badge. A Guide For Project Owners


In the cryptocurrency sector, PinkSale is changing the way token presales are done. It offers project owners and investors a secure environment to conduct token sales with a strong emphasis on security and transparency. The user-friendly interface it provides makes it simple for both experienced and newcomers to use the website. Project owners can rapidly begin their token sales thanks to the simplified procedure, and investors can easily explore and take part in a variety of presales.

PinkSale is aware of how crucial it is for the crypto ecosystem to have openness and trust. The platform has put in place a strong badging system that includes the standards for audit, doxx, and KYC (Know Your Customer). Badges show authority and dependability giving investors the confidence that the platform's presales have through stringent verification procedures. By demanding KYC, doing audits, and encouraging doxxing (revealing the names of key team members), PinkSale creates a secure and reliable environment where investors can participate in token sales with confidence while project owners demonstrate their dedication to responsibility and regulatory compliance. The platform is changing transparency and trust standards with PinkSale badges, creating a new bar for respectable and safe crypto purchases. Furthermore, PinkSale’s SAFU badge gives project owners and investors an additional layer of security and trust for their presales.

This prestigious certificate is intended to stop project manipulators from harming investors and maintain a fair and open environment. The SAFU badge acts as a mark of approval for projects, indicating that they have undergone thorough examination and satisfy the requirements set out by Pinksale. Project owners show their dedication to investors by taking extra measures to ensure the safety of the contract.

Benefits and Limitations of SAFU Badge

Protecting investors against malicious behaviour on the part of project developers is one of the main goals of the SAFU badge. It guarantees that project owners are prohibited from doing actions that could endanger investors or unjustly benefit themselves. This includes prohibiting the creation of additional tokens, the arbitrary suspension of trade, the manipulation of the project's source code, and the imposition of transactional limitations that disproportionately affect investors.

The SAFU badge also stresses the need of avoiding typical contract blunders that might harm investors. To reduce the possibility of transactions failing due to mathematical mistakes, project owners must make sure that transactional computations and swap settings are implemented within safe limits. The contract should also be configured to handle BNB transfers without the ability to go back, removing the chance of lost money or inconsistent transactional behaviour.

Benefits of SAFU Badge
Benefits of SAFU Badge

Criteria of SAFU

To qualify for a SAFU badge, the project owners need to meet specific criteria as set by PinkSale. Specifically:

KYC Compliance with PinkSale: Projects must go through Know Your Customer (KYC) authentication with PinkSale as a condition of participation.

Contract by a SAFU Developer: You will receive your SAFU badge if you work with one of the developers like Trynos. You can find the full list of developers and requirements here.

Owner Privileges: The owner of the contract, meaning the SAFU dev, needs to have specific privileges.

Tokenomics: There are certain tokenomics rules that need to be followed to qualify for a SAFU badge. We’ll explain them in detail below.

Smart Contract Audit: A thorough smart contract audit is necessary to guarantee the project's integrity and security. A trustworthy auditing company like Cyberscope should undertake this audit in order to find and fix any potential flaws or vulnerabilities in the contract code.

SAFU Owner Privileges
SAFU Owner Privileges

Owner Privileges

  1. The SAFU developer must retain contract ownership for a minimum of 7 days.
  2. Trading must remain paused by the SAFU developer until the listing time.
  3. The SAFU developer must possess ownership of the staking and ensure the staking dapp undergoes an audit.
  4. The owner is not permitted to mint new tokens.
  5. The owner is not allowed to pause trading.
  6. The owner cannot set a maximum transaction limit lower than 0.1% of the circulating supply.
  7. Only the SAFU developer has the authority to blacklist snipers during the 7-day ownership period. However, the blacklist becomes non-functional after 7 days or when ownership is transferred.
  8. The owner cannot claim the contract's balance in their own token.
  9. The owner cannot set a maximum wallet limit lower than 1% of the circulating supply.
  10. The owner is prohibited from increasing taxes within the first 7 days of listing.
  11. Any changes made by the owner must not restrict or halt trading for investors. This includes anti-bot measures without a time limit, transaction time locks without limits, sell limits based on holder balance, and other similar modifications.


SAFU projects must adhere to specific tokenomics rules to ensure success and long-term viability. By implementing solid principles, projects create a safe and fair environment for investors.


Tax Limitation: To encourage liquidity and profitability, there must be a 10% tax cap on all purchases and sales.

Restriction on Unlocking Tokens: No tokens should be unlocked for the first 30 days.

Liquidity Lockup: A minimum lockup time of 365 days for all liquidity should be there.

Minimum Liquidity: The liquidity percentage should be no less than 60% to ensure effective trading.

Private Sale Bonus: Private sale bonuses must be kept to a maximum of 10% of the presale or fair launch rate.

Controlled Private Sale Distribution: The tokens from the private sale will be distributed gradually over a predetermined time frame, as per the planned distribution strategy.

Consistent Listing Rate: In order to uphold transparency, the listing rate should be aligned with the pricing set during the presale or fair launch, ensuring a consistent and fair approach to the token listing.

SAFU Developer's Role: Unlocking tokens and confirming the validity of private sales.

Airdrop Restrictions: Avoiding market distortions, airdrop tokens are prohibited for the first 30 days.

Migration Restrictions: For the process of transitioning from old contracts, it is prohibited to distribute new tokens to previous holders until 30 days after the listing.

Contract Requirements

Audit: To establish a reliable contract, it is crucial to conduct a comprehensive audit.

Automated Buybacks and Burns: For reliable token supply control, buybacks and burns should be automated.

Auto Liquidity Allocation: SAFU contract rules prevent auto liquidity to go to an unreachable address like the dead address.

Contract Reliability: Assure that the contract always performs correctly.

Prohibition of Proxy Contracts: Avoid utilizing proxy contracts.


When it comes to cryptocurrency projects, getting the SAFU badge from PinkSale is a big deal and a major achievement. PinkSale offers a platform that helps projects show how seriously they take protecting investments and keeping their projects trustworthy. With the SAFU badge, they set a new standard for excellence in the industry. It shows that they're committed to being open, reliable, and accountable. This is a significant step towards creating a strong and long-lasting ecosystem that benefits everyone involved

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