Introducing : to Cyberscan Contract Tool

Cyberscope Team
June 03, 2022
Introducing : to Cyberscan Contract Tool

Cybercope is excited to announce the launch of our new Contract Address scan tool!

Cyberscan is a convenient tool that helps investors to quickly gain insight into a given project. It’s very common for an investor to get attracted by new projects, but how can they know if the team and the project are transparent enough? Should they invest or not? The answer could be found using Cyberscan, which brings a great deal of convenience when conducting due diligence on a project’s team and safety contracts.

How does Cyberscan help

To eliminate all contract security threats a smart contract Audit will help investors take an informed decision and accordingly a KYC certificate will build trust in the team. But sometimes doing all these checks and searching over multiple sources can be time-consuming and distracting, that's why our engineering team has built this contract aggregator to provide all the useful metrics presented in a single source of truth.

How it works

Results of the Cyberscan Contract Tool
Results of the Cyberscan Contract Tool
Cyberscan is very simple and easy to use, all you need to do is paste the contract address to the related field, click on your Network from the dropdown, and press Search. Then you get to see a full report from the smart contract analysis, as well as some key indicators like if the contract ownership is present or renounced if the contract is a proxy if there is an Audit or KYC attached to that contract. Finally, you get to see the similarity of the code of your contract versus popular forks. This will help you understand if it's minted from a specific platform and how unique it is.

What’s next for Cyberscan

The feature just launched and will have a lot of improvements and additions. There will be a track of liquidity and token lockers, holder distribution as well as similar Audit reports to see how this contract would look like if it was audited by us and what dangers are usually to look out for.

About Cyberscope

Cyberscope is a global leader in blockchain security and KYC compliance solutions. Our team is constantly working on improving security in the decentralized space and we are always developing tools that would enable users to be well informed about their next investments.

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