Cyberscope is excited to announce the launch of our new Address Analyzer tool!

Cyberscope Team
June 21, 2022
Cyberscope is excited to announce the launch of our new Address Analyzer tool!

While anonymous team projects have become increasingly popular and accessible in the cryptocurrency world over the past few years, the growing concern for privacy has masked a growing problem: risky behavior by individuals who are hiding behind the veil of anonymity. Cyberscope KYC is designed to deanonymize project teams and create greater accountability through a rigorous vetting process that prioritizes transparency, accountability, and trust.

Results of the Address Analyzer Safescan
Results of the Address Analyzer Safescan
A product that we found value in building and will also be a means to reduce web3 criminal activity is Safescan

How it works

The software is very easy to use, all you do is fill the address in the form and click “Search”. Our advanced software will start processing and running background checks on the address provided.

We examine all the transactions of the address and how it interacted with various suspicious other wallets, then cross-reference it with CEX hot wallets, Popular Bridges, Tornado cash, and similar money laundering applications, and finally cross-check with our database that contains more than 30k blacklisted and suspicious wallets.

The analysis report will then show all the related findings to the user to help him understand some of the wallet histories. For instance, most hackers interact with the Tornado cash app to mask the origin of their real wallet, it does not mean that everyone who interacts with it has a malicious purpose but it does indicate some risk warning.

How to protect yourself

Staying Safe in web3 is not easy, the digital transformation has enabled hackers to profit from investors if all the necessary measures are not taken. In Cyberscope we care deeply about SAFU that's why we created those tools. As part of your research, you should always check if the project has Audited the contract and if it is KYC verified. Sometimes it can be hard searching on websites and whitepaper or asking random people in the telegram group — Don’t worry anymore we got you covered. Cyberscan and Safescan are here to assist you! Information is power, and having all the information will help you make an educated decision. Always DYOR.

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