Cyberscope Partners With Sotatek

Cyberscope Team
March 02, 2023
Cyberscope Partners With Sotatek

Cyberscope, a leading auditing firm, has recently signed an MOU with SotaTek, a top blockchain solution provider, to form a strategic partnership that aims to increase brand recognition for both companies and provide access to each other’s client networks.

As a company that highly values secure and reliable blockchain technology, SotaTek is excited to partner with Cyberscope, a firm that shares its commitment to quality and security. The partnership will focus on co-marketing initiatives and business referrals, with SotaTek recommending Cyberscope for smart contract audits and consulting services and Cyberscope serving as a “bridge” between SotaTek and others in need of blockchain & software development.

With over 1000+ Blockchain projects and NFTs audited and more than 300 teams KYC’d, Cyberscope is a highly respected auditing firm in the industry, with audit services that can earn a badge for your project and guarantee to build trust and recognition. Meanwhile, SotaTek is a global software development as a Service (SDaaS), IT outsourcing & consulting company that specializes in blockchain development, custom software development, mobile & web app development, CRM services, and AI & machine learning solutions.

The partnership between SotaTek and Cyberscope will be a great opportunity for both companies to strengthen their position in the market and provide high-quality services to their clients. If you are in need of tech solutions, don’t hesitate to contact SotaTek or Cyberscope to learn more about their services.

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