Cyberscope Attends Web3 | Impact the Economy 2023

Cyberscope Team
November 14, 2023
Cyberscope Attends Web3 | Impact the Economy 2023

As the largest fintech hub in the EU, Vilnius provided an ideal backdrop for Cyberscope's engagement. Andreas Mavrikos, our Business Development Manager, was at the forefront, and contributed as a guest speaker.

Taking the stage, Andreas Mavrikos delved into the critical topic, "How the Crypto Industry Could Have Saved $1B from Hacks This Year." His insights shed light on robust security measures crucial for safeguarding assets in the crypto industry.

The conference drew global participants, including builders, investors, legal advisors, and tech leaders. Discussions encompassed decentralized finances, metaverse, crypto economy, and various pertinent topics.

Vilnius, as the leading fintech hub in the EU and the 10th globally, underscored the city's significance in discussions on the future of financial technologies.

Against the backdrop of global uncertainties, Cyberscope participated actively and contributed significantly, reinforcing our commitment to cybersecurity excellence. Our involvement in such forums continues to shape the digital future, ensuring robust security measures in the ever-evolving landscape of the WEB3 economy. You can watch a recap of the event on our YouTube channel.

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