Podcast "Cyberscope helps the FBI with crypto investigations. Thanos Tsavlis of Cyberscope"

Cyberscope Team
August 23, 2023
Podcast "Cyberscope helps the FBI with crypto investigations. Thanos Tsavlis of Cyberscope"

Join Castoshi, Zubair Quraishi, and Cyberscope's CEO, Thanos Tsavlis, in a captivating podcast as he reveals how the company collaborates with the FBI to combat crypto-related crimes.

Discover the crucial role of cybersecurity in the ever-evolving crypto industry and gain valuable insights into enhancing safety measures.

The Collaboration

Learn about the groundbreaking collaboration between Cyberscope and the FBI in tracking illicit activities in the crypto world. Find out how this partnership contributes to maintaining a secure crypto ecosystem.

Cybersecurity Matters

Explore the significance of robust cybersecurity in the crypto landscape. Thanos Tsavlis shares expert tips on mitigating risks and fortifying crypto projects' security.

Addressing Challenges

Uncover the unique challenges faced during crypto investigations due to blockchain's pseudonymous nature. Discover the tools and methodologies employed by Cyberscope to trace illicit activities.

Empowering the Community

Cyberscope's proactive involvement in assisting the FBI boosts confidence among crypto enthusiasts and investors. Tune in to gain essential knowledge about efforts to combat crypto-related crimes.


Don't miss this insightful podcast featuring Thanos Tsavlis, where you'll learn how Cyberscope's collaboration with the FBI is making a difference in the crypto space. Listen now on Youtube or Spotify for valuable insights and to understand the critical role of cybersecurity in safeguarding cryptocurrencies.

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