What is opBNB Layer-2 Chain? Everything You Need To Know

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June 22, 2023
What is opBNB Layer-2 Chain? Everything You Need To Know


On June 19, BNB Chain unveiled opBNB. The new layer-2 scaling solution, which is based on the Optimism OP Stack, will improve the security and scalability of the Binance blockchain network. Built on top of BSC (a layer 1 blockchain), opBNB is a layer 2 solution that makes transactions faster and more efficient. By processing transactions off-chain and uploading compressed transaction data on-chain, opBNB overcomes the limitations of BSC, reducing blockage and improving transaction processing times. It offers a smoother and quicker experience for blockchain transactions.

Three essential layers make up the opBNB system: the operator interface layer, which manages off-chain proposals for layer 2 transactions, the RPC service layer, which facilitates communication with the rollup and the execution layer, which carries out transactions and provides an EVM environment.

The system is compatible with networks, smart contracts, and ERC-20 token standards since it is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compliant layer-2 chain.

The rollup's modular structure gives developers freedom when creating the settlement layer and data availability interface. The latter can be replaced with different technologies, such as Greenfield, Arweave, and others, rather than simply depending on BSC, providing additional flexibility and alternatives.

Layer-2 Solutions and Features
Layer-2 Solutions and Features

Layer-2 Solutions

Blockchain Layer 2 solutions are protocols that run on top of a Layer 1 blockchain (such as Bitcoin or Ethereum) in order to enhance the scalability, privacy, and other properties of the underlying blockchain. State channels, sidechains, optimistic rollups, and zero knowledge rollups are the most popular options.

Layer 2 blockchains can typically be classified into one of the following categories:

  • State channels: They increase scalability by enabling off-chain transaction execution.
  • Sidechains: They enhance interoperability by enabling the movement of assets between several blockchains.
  • Optimistic rollups: They enable the off-chain execution of smart contracts, increasing scalability and lowering transaction costs.
  • Zero-knowledge rollups: They enhance privacy by enabling transaction verification without disclosing private information.
Features of opBNB
Features of opBNB

Features of opBNB Layer-2 Chain 

The opBNB layer-2 chain is a groundbreaking solution developed by the BNB chain to tackle the long-standing scalability challenge in blockchain networks. With its strong security features and dedication to decentralization, opBNB has the ability to fundamentally alter the blockchain technology environment and spur widespread adoption, by providing:

  • Enhanced Scalability
  • Efficient off-chain transaction processing
  • Transaction batching on the main chain
  • Cost-Effective transactions
  • Gas fee reductio
  • Confirmation of a swift transaction
  • Off-chain execution and validation
  • Maintenance of compatibility
  • Integration with existing BSC infrastructure
  • Strong security
  • Regular off-chain transaction submission
  • Trustless and decentralized security layer
Benefits of opBNB Layer-2 Chain
Benefits of opBNB Layer-2 Chain

Benefits and Impact of opBNB Layer-2 Chain

When it comes to opBNB Layer-2 Chain, it is important to be understood that offers a variety of advantages which also significantly influences the blockchain environment. Here are several major benefits:

  • High performance: The top-notch capacity of 100 million gas per second that opBNB is intended to attain is remarkable. This major improvement over Layer 1 solutions now in use makes it possible to execute transactions quickly and effectively, which is essential for large-scale Web3 applications.
  • Scalability: opBNB provides scalability much beyond the limitations of Layer 1 chains. High-volume applications can be supported since it is built for over 4,000 Transactions Per Second (TPS), which is a major improvement over Layer 1 chains' capacities.
  • Integration with the BNB ecosystem: To maximize the advantages of the BNB Greenfield, opBNB integrates with the BNB ecosystem. This enables it to provide clients with safe, scalable, and affordable solutions.
  • Cost efficiency: Reduced transaction costs are one of opBNB's key selling features, so to speak. As opposed to typical Layer 1 gas rates, it is intended to keep average gas fees for transfer transactions to $0.005, making it more accessible to a larger user base.
  • Compatibility: In accordance with the BNB Smart Chain, opBNB's specifications are compatible. For instance, the block time has been adjusted to match the 1-second block time of BNB Chain, allowing for quicker transaction processing than other Layer 2 solutions like Optimism on Ethereum, which has a 2-second block time.
  • Data accessibility: opBNB addresses data accessibility by isolating the Data Availability (DA) layer from the execution layer, allowing the selection of several DA choices, and permitting seamless transition between various DA schemes in accordance with security and performance requirements.
  • Community involvement: Prior to the official launch of the opBNB testnet and mainnet, the community will be asked to test it out and offer comments. In addition to fostering significant community interaction, this open feedback loop aids in the growth of opBNB.
  • Broader adoption of dApps and BSC infrastructure: Because of its interoperability with the BNB smart chain and adherence to its specifications, opBNB promotes the widespread use of decentralized apps (dApps) and BSC infrastructure. It provides a cost-effective and scalable solution, attracting developers and consumers to make use of the BSC ecosystem's benefits. 

These benefits assist in resolving scalability issues and encouraging the widespread use of blockchain technology. The opBNB layer-2 chain promotes the development and expansion of the blockchain sector by bringing speed, efficiency, scalability, and enhanced user experiences.


The opBNB layer-2 chain enhances user experience, scalability, and transaction speed, which helps BSC to be more widely used and successful. With lower transaction costs, interoperability with current infrastructure, and improved security, opBNB tackles major issues and gives consumers a smooth experience. OpBNB promotes ongoing development and future-proofing by utilizing the BNB ecosystem and actively engaging the community. It enhances BSC overall, encourages innovation, and increases the adoption of blockchain technology.

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